Saturday, September 29, 2012

Automotive tours

Two automotive exhibitions visited by me in September 22, 2012. First is Kawasaki Fun to Ride. I’ve decided to attend this event a days before. However, in the morning my father asked me to have a drive practice.

“Ok, but I want to attend Kawasaki’s event…” I said.
 “It’s ok we’ll attend that event after practice” answered my father.
“Okay, let’s go” I said. I had a drive practice from my place, Pamulang to my cousin’s home in Kebayoran Lama.

The road was in a good condition that day, smooth enough. I finished my fist time practice and gained new record in driving haha.

the stage
Kawasaki Fun to Ride was a launching event for brand new Ninja 250 fi. First time I came in, “hmm it’s a good promotion to introduce the bike”. This event was not only for men but whole family to spend their weekend. Lots of entertainment filled in from live music, dancers, motorcycle freestyle, kid zone, and many more.

ninja 250 fi front look
This event also allowed visitors to test the new bike. Unfortunately I can’t test that bike because it’s closed due to freestyle session when I want to register :-(

test ride area
After the gate there was an exhibition section for the bike then ahead of there was the stage. Move to the sides. In the ride side there were lot of bikes shown up for modification contest while in the left, there was the test ride place.
modification contest
 This event really caught motorcycle fans attention. I saw some Pulsarian (Pulsar rider community) visited the event that time. They were enjoyed the show as well as the bike exhibition with taking some pictures.

girl with ninja
As can’t get a chance to test the bike we didn’t want to spend more time there. We immediately headed to Kemayoran for another automotive event. This event was more crowded than the previous one.*

ninja 250 fi rear look

*next event is >> IIMS 2012


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