Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If I have a chance to travel around the world

If I have a chance to travel around the world, I’ll visit China, Brazil, and France. And I called this trip ‘Martial Arts Adventure’. Why? Because, in each country have a typical martial arts and I’m going to learn and explore some of them.

For the first is China. There are a lot of martial arts born here but the only martial art that makes me want to visit this country is Wing Chun. I’ll go to south China, actually Foshan where Wing Chun’s originated. Then I’ll ask natives, where is the best Wing Chun’s school in here. And I’ll never leave this place before I rule the basics of Wing Chun.

Second is Brazil. This is the place where Capoeira is born. Capoeira is acrobatic martial art with beautiful moves. I’m going to learn Capoeira as well as the history and philosophy. I’ll go to Rio de Janeiro and sign in for Capoeira course. Then I’ll try to rule some moves, because I know learn martial art is not easy, it needs efforts and time.

The last is France. This country known for its beautiful sights and a kind of martial art or sport called Parkour. I want to learn and explore about Parkour. If I can rule the basics of Parkour, it can bolster my fight ability. Moreover I really want to meet David Belle, he is a man who popularize Parkour and also the master. It must be great if I can learn directly from the master.

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