*this article based on what I feel

I used my friends' bike by the way... when he came with Kawasaki Athlete, "aha, this is the right time to test that bike" said to myself. I immediately asked for a test.

I just want to say "Futuristic" 

Athlete headlamp

Riding position
It's quite good I think. The handlebar designed bit more high, you can compare with other same type like, Suzuki Satria Fu. This one (Athlete) is better for me. For footsteps the position is also good. As a whole the riding position as usual as a road bike, comfortable.

Here is the exciting part. This bike is light.. that's what I felt as started twist the grip. I can easily sped away. This is remembered me for Yamaha Vega ZR, that was light too. But I think Athlete is more light. Eventually I can't tested it further because we take placed in a college. Oh yeah, don't ever compare the acceleration with Suzuki Satria Fu as their specification is so different. Satria is absolutely lead for acceleration.


I felt the handling also light as well as the bike weight. Moreover I felt this is too light because I usually ride a heavy bike (weight) like, minerva r150vx or Yamaha Scorpio. But while I can adapt the handling I thought this bike is easy to control.


Kawasaki athlete provide a semi-sport bike with quite good acceleration without leaving a comfort side. Nice..

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Have a completely new team for upcoming season, Biaggi showed his optimistic in an exclusive interview with worldsbk.com

"...Everyone can imagine how tough it is to start a new world championship season with just a couple of months to organize everything and with a totally new team. Let's hope for the best!"

Aprilia and Biaggi have chosen Aligi Deganello - Marco Simoncelli's former crew chief - as Biaggi's new crew chief. 

"...I feel good about the decision both on the human and technical side of things... There are also three more people who have worked in Aprilia. I'm feeling confident about everything."

Glad to hear that Max! see you on next season. :)

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Do you know what is electronic dance music? In my opinion this music is like a magic that can move your body happily. Very nice and enjoyable music.

EDM divided into a lot of genre. Here the list.. However for several genre like house and trance, the music sounds similar. You maybe difficult to distinguish them.

Here it is DJ Antoine ft. The Beat Shakers - Ma Chérie as sample for Electro house, House

 And this is Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again as sample of Trance

Could you identify those genre and differentiate them?
To help identify every kind of  music in EDM you can go to http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/

This web provide a roots for every genre then completed with the samples. Very recommended site!  

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Max Biaggi WSBK 2012 Wall Calendar

I got the information from World Superbike page on facebook said that they launched wall calendar product. Shown My favorite rider Max Biaggi their post catched my attention. This is a great stuff for SBK fan. You all can get the calendar on myphoto.worldsbk.com

Here are the calendars (preview)

There are also available on Carlos Checa theme and WSBK season theme.

Actually I didn't buy the product. I just took the preview stuff to apply as my desktop wallpaper. :P

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Livery design for my bike

I prefer to follow racing livery like motoGP or WSBK rather than create my own design. Racing livery is always attractive and has its own atmosphere.

For my bike which is has a unique yellow color I think Yamaha black and yellow special 50th anniversary livery is the best design to adapt.

Yamaha 50th anniversary special livery

and this is template design for my bike by Bro Dsythe

Adapted black and yellow livery
Can't wait to put the design on my bike :D
What do you think?

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Several days ago I was accidentally search green day song in Youtube because I'm bored with my present playlist. Then I found new song titled, Cigarettes and valentines. I clicked and watched it. Do you know? When I heard the song suddenly I remember about Green days previous album American Idiot. Music arrangement, lyrics theme looks similar with American idiot for me.

After that a question came to my mind. Is it really a brand new song? If it yes I really happy because I like American Idiot more than their latest album 21st Century Breakdown.

Then I started a little investigation about the story behind that song. From wikipedia I knew that Cigarettes and valentines was already exist in 2003, a year before American Idiot released, from the album with same title. Eventually the master recording were stolen from the studio by an unknown individual. Instead of re-recording the stolen tracks, they decided to abandon the entire project and start over and resulted American Idiot.

That's why Cigarettes and valentines really close to American idiot in terms of musics material.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Frill-necked Lizard.. Beautiful

Did you ever see this reptile? it is beautiful isn't it?

This is Frill-necked Lizard. That name comes from large frill around it's neck. The frill is usually folded except when they feel threatened, the frill will open.

This lizard refer to arboreal, spending the majority time in the trees. To survive they usually eats insects, small lizards, spiders, cicadas, termites, and small mammals.

Frill-necked facts
"Their lifespan in the wild is unknown, but specimens in captivity have lived 20 years.- National Geographic."

This reptile included in large lizard that can reach up to 91.4 cm in length.

This species is spread in northern Australia and southern New Guinea.

Threatened Frill-necked lizard

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Me with the yellow one :)

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Morveus is place to share for us. Share about our bike, problems, modification and so on in the Largest Indonesian Community, Kaskus. On 26th of November 2011 Morveus had a plan for gathering in Mega Kuningan Timur IV. The primary agenda is about distributing our official shirt then talk more about Morveus future. Actually we had no regular schedule for gathering, so when I heard about this I was excited. This is my chance to meet my same interest cyber pals. Then I contacted my nearest friends to go together decided for our first checkpoint. Finally we decided to meet in BSD.

Start with three bikes me, Dsythe, and Leepye our convoy was added by two more friends from Tangerang, Neothunder and Joecloudy. I learned lot about rolling together with motorcycles. Hand signs, pointing about the direction, and notice a bad road by putting down foot. Moreover I just feel a great sensation in convoy with same bike type. This is my first time. When we arrived we just parked our bike immediately in line. Then wait for other.

Morveus troops :D
Our member was arrived one by one until its complete. Then we start the agenda. Our leader was asked to discuss about the future of this community. Is the community going to be legal as an organization or just a free community? We decided this community are just to be free.

We continue by sharing about our bikes, stories, and also photo session.

Ready to go home

See you on next gath! :D

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Accident in Indonesia

Photo by Antara
According to the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, at least 1000 accident reported in Jakarta during 2010. This fact is totally awful where some of that case caused death. Now, the traffic turned to the dangerous place in Indonesia. As soon as possible this problem must be solved to create a safety for motorist. Accident in Indonesia not only caused by careless driving but also caused by other factors like bad infrastructure and bad vehicle condition.

Some drivers are careless about their vehicle and some other just send it to bad service station for cost reason whereas a regular check for vehicle is important. The most prominent part to check regularly is tires and brake. Those parts are absolutely important for our safety. When their condition is going bad it will threat us. Bad tires will lose your control and make you easily slipped in the road as well as bad brake.

Another aspect that supports the occurrence of accident is bad infrastructure. While small country like Singapore has good traffic facilities, Indonesia which is a big country has bad facilities. Broken traffic light, not clear road sign, and poor road just describe the condition of Indonesia’s traffic. This circumstance automatically threat motorist. They confused by terrible management which can lead an accident.

Poor road condition
The last but not least is about the driver awareness. The awareness especially in Indonesia is less both of the driver, rider, and public transport driver. There are still many motorists who disobey the law for unacceptable reason. Ran a red light, entering bus way road, against traffic flow, and other careless attitude like eat, grooming, and take a cell phone while driving will bring a nightmare; both for the pedestrians and the drivers.

It's dangerous!
To suppress the number of accident in Indonesia we must not only concern to the motorist but also the facilities as well as the officer. Road facilities improvement can be initial step for government to solve this problem. Then it can be followed by safety riding campaign to aware the public.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Roman Emperor, Max Biaggi

Max Biaggi is a motorcycle racer. He is a former motoGP rider and now race in World Superbike. Many racing fans admire him for his ambition for champion. However some racing fans as well as his colleagues also complained for his attitude. Sometimes he takes a very hard effort and harms his colleagues but in reality every racing fans will miss him if he didn’t take part in a race. Max Biaggi has all the qualities of an incredible sportsman as well as attractive entertainer: His bravery and ambition, remarkable talent, and strong character.

Reviewing previous race. :D

First of all, Biaggi is well known for his ambition. He will do anything to take the podium even have to debate with his team and mechanics to get the best setting. He is also a big risk taker. In 2001 he had a conflict with Yamaha for bike matter. For the consequences he dropped out then joined to Honda because he thinks his previous team didn’t give their best for him. The best rival who ever felt how bitter compete with Roman Emperor –Biaggi’s nickname- is Valentino Rossi.

Biaggi and Rossi
Then, Biaggi is a clever racer who has its own way to finish a race. He is well known for his bravery both in racing style and in taking the racing line. Moreover some racing enthusiast says his racing style is dangerous. Nevertheless I think he is just elegant racer with his own way and very entertaining. His biggest achievement was winning World Superbike Championship in 2010.

Finally, Biaggi is not only a great racer he is also an attractive entertainer. Why? For all the character that I’ve mention before it makes him an entertaining racer. He serves great rivalries, a news maker, and creates a conflict just make a racing competition more enjoyable. The greatest rivalries he ever had are with The Doctor, Valentino Rossi. War of words, elbowing in a race, and hard fight just describe their rivalries.

Max Biaggi is more than a great sportsman. He makes a competition more enjoyable to watch. That’s why a lot of racing fans love him. Even though his performance this year little bit decrease, there is always a place for an entertaining racer as him.

Friends? :D

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fuel Efficiency Through Safety Riding

Photo by AP

You know what? fuel consumption also affected by your riding style. Bad riding style will waste a fuel. Moreover it can damaged you and your motorcycle. To prevent this you have to know how to ride correctly and safe. This method also known as Safety Riding.

With Safety Riding you will get a lot of benefit. Beside safety there is also a fuel efficiency. How it can be? let's take a look.

In Safety Riding we taught to gassing the engine slowly. In other way we have to be delicate with this control. This action will bring efficiency to the fuel and avoid any damage to your motorcycle parts.

Then we also taught to control the fronts and rear brake. We need to calculate a braking point. Don't take it too close to the stopping point. Avoid as mush as possible an engine breaking -a brake using the engine by downshift. Because an engine brake will consume a lot of fuel.

Majalah R2

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to make your blog mobile friendly

Mobile friendly? what does it mean? it means your blog become light when opened in mobile browser. Fast and easy to read. It's very important to give easy access for your reader. Wordpress is ahead in this, they served  wp touch for mobile pageviews long time ago. For blogger itself, they have a selection to make your blog mobile friendly.

I knew it when I open my friend's blog. His blog is easy and enjoy to read in mobile browser. Then I ask him via twitter and meanwhile I search the information, googling :D. Finally I know that blogger has been served the feature. And my friends blog use this feature. This feature called mobile templates. It is so easy to set. Ready?

Login to your blogger account. In dashboard click settings. Then choose Email & Mobile. In mobile template section choose "Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices." Then you can change the design of the templates if you want to. Finish? go to Save settings. Now check it from mobile browser and enjoy your mobile blog pageview. :D

My mobile pageviews

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Tom Sykes takes dramatic race victory in terible weather condition. He took the led after Japanese rider Noriyuki Haga fell. Then he survived until the race over. This is his first ever WSBK race victory and also secured Kawasaki's first win since 2006. Race direction called to stop the race because the rains re-doubled in intensity. Nurburgring second race resulted Sykes ahead of Sylvain Guintoli and Jakub Smrz in second and third place. Meanwhile Jonathan Rea was in fourth place ahead of Eugene Laverty and Marco Melandri. The standings leader Carlos Checa was played safe in Eighth place.

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Big football game series FIFA is back. A game with all over 500 team officially licensed by FIFA is due to be released on September.

According to vgreleases.com, FIFA 12 on PS2 has a confirmed release date on Friday 30 September 2011 for America, Europe, and Australia.

Features that offered from this new series are:

Intelligent Soccer; This is an improvement from previous gameplay. Gameplay mirrors real-world soccer with sophisticated ball control, responsive shooting and pin-point passing. Players are intelligent on attack and quick to counter attack, moving into scoring areas to create more opportunities on the ground and through the air.

Be The Goal Keeper; Take control of the goalkeeper and command the game from the most important position on the pitch. Play carrer as a goal keeper.

Carrer Mode; Play as a player or manager and lead the team through 15 seasons of club soccer and international competitions. There's a FAME system to earn prestigious offers from other clubs.

Video or picture for preview is coming up.


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Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Chain

My bike chains :D

Chains is one of the important parts in the motorcycles. Their task is to transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel. So, they need a proper maintenance to prevent a worse thing that might come to you or other motorist. Chains should be inspected for every 2000 km or twice a month.

We just need to do two simple things in this maintain. First is lubricate then the last is adjusting the tension.

For lubricating we can use SAE 80-90 oil or chain lube product. It's not recommended to use a used oil as a lubricant. It just make it chain worse and more dirty. Before lubricating we need to clean the chain. Then lubricate the chain with rotating the wheel.

After that we inspect the chains if it need an adjustment by pull it up and down. Set the tension by moving the rear axle. Recommended tension is about 2cm - 3cm. Don't forget to see rear axle position by index marks shown in the swing arm. Match it left and right.

Finish. :D

R2 Magazine

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What a good news for serie A fans in Indonesia. According to duniasoccer.com that Indosiar has held the broadcasting rights for 2011/2012 season.

It will be at least 3 match for a week with a delay for addition.

"We've got the broadcasting rights for a season. For the first giornata(match) 27-28 August there will be a 3 live match and a delay match for the next." Said Frisca Atinus as a producer for sport shows in Indosiar.

source: http://www.duniasoccer.com/

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lifetime of Your Helmet

Helmet is one of the important gears for riding. To keep it works well you must pay attention about the condition of your helmet.

You know what? a helmet also has a expiry date. According to INDOBIKERMAGS.com, helmets like Arai, Shoei, Nolan can be used up to 4-5 years. More than that the helmet will not work properly. From R2 magazine, most of local helmet labeled SNI -Indonesian National Standarized- just can be used up to 2 years.

Also note if your helmet ever bumped something hard. The peformance of this helmet will decline.

Look back to your helmet, is it still safe to use? :D

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To optimize the space in the CD-r or DVD-r we can burn it more than once. It's called multisession disc. For this action we need a help from third-party program. In this tutorial I use Nero.

Here it is:
1. Open Nero Program
2. Choose Make Data Disc
3. Then choose folders and files that you want to written to disc.
4. In the Final Burn Settings Window choose Allow files to be added later (multisession disc).

5. Click Burn

Now your CDs or DVDs can be burn more than once.


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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Types of Turtles

Turtles are attractive interesting reptile which has unique shape. They have shells that protect the turtle. This is self defense equipment for turtles. Shells are divided into two areas upper (carapace) and lower (plastron). They also have beaks. Their beaks are often as sharp as a knife. Even there are teeth in their beaks they don’t use them to chew but to break up their food.

Galapagos Tortoise (img source:http://library.sandiegozoo.org/)

Turtle facts: “The first turtles are believed to have lived over 200 million years ago!... and their fossils are almost identical to turtles that are alive today!”-Animal-World.

According to their habitat turtle are divided into 4 types, they are land turtles, (semi terrestrial turtles, semi-aquatic turtles), and full-aquatic turtles.
Land turtles are usually called tortoise. They are lived in land/terrestrial and do not hibernate. Most of them are vegetarian. Semi-terrestrial or Terrapins commonly live both in water and the land. They are both carnivorous and vegetarian. There are also Semi-aquatic turtles, spending time most in water but need a sun. They usually bask on the stone or wood in the land. They were also a good swimmer. The most famous semi-aquatic turtle is red ear slider that had been known world wide. Finally there are turtles who actually aquatic, full aquatic turtles. They live in a lake, river, and also in the sea, commonly known as sea turtle.

These are some types that included to the 4 categories of turtles.
Land turtles: Indian star
Semi-terrestrial: Manouria emys, Eastern box turtle
Semi-aquatic: red ear slider, yellow bellied.
Full aquatic: soft shelled, sea turtles.

Animal World

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Plecos: A Monster Underwater

What do you think when you see this fish?

Plecos (img source:http://www.mit.edu/~lxs/cichlids/pleco.html)

We Indonesian usually called this fish “ikan sapu-sapu” for their ability to clean the tanks by eat algae and anything inside tanks. In Indonesia Pleco are no more known except a tank cleaner fish. When a fisher got this fish they usually released them or they just throw them because considered interfere fisher to catch their target.

But wait… can’t you see this?

img source (ratemytank.com)
img source (fishinfo.worpress.com)

This fish, Pleco.. are shapely attracted don’t they? Their head, fin, tail are unique, especially their mouth which has ability to suck. They are like a monster underwater. :D beside his scary shape Plecos has a peaceful behavior. .It'll be nice to be a pet. :D. Plecos are also usually skittish and quickly hide when danger approaches.

Plecos will get very large to be almost 18 inches (46 cm).

img source (kuyahejo.wordpress.com)
 Plecos are naturally attractive fish. :D

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Urlaub ist gekommen!

Holiday is come! yeah, that's what I waiting after this 4th term of my study.
In the begining of my holiday, hmm.. three days ago actually I found my German books which I used in a high school. It makes me remember how I learn German. At that time I wasn't seriously pay attention to my lecture so, I've just got very little about German, and the worst is I forget almost all over I've learned now.

A few seconds left... Then I said "Heyy, I got an idea! it must be interesting to learn German this holiday."

Hallo! wie geht's?
Ich bin Anggi und wohne in Jakarta. Ich bin Schuler. :D

my German book :D

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Descriptive Writing Task

Last Friday I've got an assignment to write a descriptive writing, it's about place. Then I choose Sentul International Circuit.

Sentul International Circuit 
Sentul is the only one international standardized circuit in Indonesia. Located in hilly area, Sentul is a bit cooler than tropical city Jakarta. However, the track still can get extremely hot in direct sunlight. Sentul is a simple and smooth circuit. As a whole, the track has 3.96 km in length and 15 m in width. Including 900 m long straight which is enable the speed up to 300 km/h before the first turn. Another speed corner is in the second turn, where the fastest driver can do 220 km/h in four wheel machine and 190 km/h in two wheel machine. With 50 pit garages, Sentul present several kind of race. There are: Grand prix, Motocross, Autocross, and Go-kart circuit. Following the grade 2 track license by FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile), this circuit is supported with regular facilities such as, Paddock –an area near the pits where cars or motorcycles are worked on before races-, Scrutineering –a technical inspection in terms of regulation-, 2 covered grandstands, gasoline pump, control tower, victory tower, and hospital room. Sentul is passable circuit for world class racing.


Specific purpose: To inform about Sentul International Circuit.

Topic Sentence: Sentul is the only one international standardized circuit in Indonesia.
Body: I. Location of Sentul Intl. Circuit
          II. Track info’s
          III. Supporting facilities
Conclusion: Sentul is a good enough circuit which is present world class racing.

Actually I'm not really sure about this essay. Is the requirements for descriptive writing already in there? Can we called this essay as a descriptive writing?

Please give your comment, whether is advice or critics. Thank you :)

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WSBK 2011 Round 04 - Italy Monza Race 1 (EurosportHD) 720p x264


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Riding Safety Gear

At least there are four gears that you need to protect yourself when you ride a bike. First is helmet, it will protect your heads from collisions. Then jacket, it can protect your body from wind guts. Next gloves, it helps your hand to grip the bar easily. Sweaty hands it’s not a problem when you wear a gloves. And the last is a pair of boots, it will protect your foot indeed. Boots protect your foot from gravel and anything that can hit your foot in the street. These are that you need to get safety when you ride.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Impression Tourist Trophy [PS2]

Another video game conjured me up. Now it’s for a motorcycle racing game titled Tourist Trophy. The first time I saw this game, it’s about the slogan –The real riding simulator-. Sounds familiar right? Yeah it was similar as Gran Turismo slogan –the real driving simulator- just difference in word ‘riding and driving’. It makes me assured about this game. I expect this game same as the famous Gran Turismo series. And the important is this is a motorcycle racing game, haha :D you know what? I prefer riding than driving. Ok, now I’ll bring you to the review or first impression when I play this game.

Tourist Trophy is a motorcycle racing game designed by Polyphony Digital, the same team that makes the famous Gran Turismo series (no wonder the slogans is very similar hehe). This game released on 2006 (Yes, I’m late to know this game :D).

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Funny Report from Iraq

Description: A funny joke shows an angry Iraqi insurgent that mocked by the TV station using the subtitles.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

2011 World Superbike Guide

For 2011 season World Superbike Championship will be start this month exactly on 27th February. So, get ready for the new season. Here are the information that needed to welcoming the new season.

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SpongeBob will be catching jellyfish at the same time tomorrow

(+) s + will/shall + be + v-ing + O + adverb of time
(-) s + will/shall + not + be + v-ing + O + adverb of time
(?) will/shall + s + be + v-ing + O + adverb of time?

(+) I will be riding a bicycle in Sunday morning.
(-) She will not be watching television at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.
(?) Will she be waiting for me when I arrive at the airport?

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