Morveus is place to share for us. Share about our bike, problems, modification and so on in the Largest Indonesian Community, Kaskus. On 26th of November 2011 Morveus had a plan for gathering in Mega Kuningan Timur IV. The primary agenda is about distributing our official shirt then talk more about Morveus future. Actually we had no regular schedule for gathering, so when I heard about this I was excited. This is my chance to meet my same interest cyber pals. Then I contacted my nearest friends to go together decided for our first checkpoint. Finally we decided to meet in BSD.

Start with three bikes me, Dsythe, and Leepye our convoy was added by two more friends from Tangerang, Neothunder and Joecloudy. I learned lot about rolling together with motorcycles. Hand signs, pointing about the direction, and notice a bad road by putting down foot. Moreover I just feel a great sensation in convoy with same bike type. This is my first time. When we arrived we just parked our bike immediately in line. Then wait for other.

Morveus troops :D
Our member was arrived one by one until its complete. Then we start the agenda. Our leader was asked to discuss about the future of this community. Is the community going to be legal as an organization or just a free community? We decided this community are just to be free.

We continue by sharing about our bikes, stories, and also photo session.

Ready to go home

See you on next gath! :D


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