Wednesday, January 25, 2012

'Cornering' between supported skill and trend

Cornering: the way you turn.

The term 'cornering' is new for me. I knew this word by the one of community members. Cornering refer to the skill of turning. This skill usually characterized by the lower position -'knee down'- as racer do when turns. Some people think this skill are not proper do in the road, you just can't do that turn as you were in the race track. But some enthusiast thought cornering is all covered as the right skill in turning not are just turn like a racer. In other words this skill are required especially in the worst condition of a traffic in Indonesia. For the turning skill like knee down you can't do as you want, be careful with your companion in the road. As a biker I believe you will know when is the time, just follow the instinct. More you in a road more you learn (get), experience.

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Beautiful circuit? what circuit that I mean? According to the schedule for 26 february 2012, the race will be begin in the Phillip Island Australia. Maybe some people disagree, thought that this circuit just same with other world class circuit with it's own characteristics but this is what I felt. The first thing came is my mind when heard 'Phillip Island' is the beautiful scenery there.

This is epic! :D

This 4.445 km with 12 turns circuit is located in beach area with beautiful ocean views. What a breathtaking scenery. Fast bikes, brave riders, sexy grid girls and the beauty circuits that's a perfect match.

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Identified! Siebenrockiella crassicollis

The investigation for identifying this kind of turtle began by the possibility of hybrid or cross breed between this turtle and RES (Red Ear Slider). Both of the pet are belongs to my friend, Anna. She told me the turtle ever nesting several times but failed to hatch. The question is both of this turtle are different in species. One of the turtles identified as RES but the another one is unknown. Then after discussion in a reptile forum [at] kaskus, they suggest me to upload the picture of the mysterious turtle to identify. So we can conclude if there is a cross bred or not.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Haga still no team

Following the provisional entry list for 2012 WSBK championship issued by FIM, it has indicated that Haga still without a team yet. Previously Haga rumored will be placed on Ducati and also both teams in Britain and Japan. Moreover he also rumored for retirement. The list issued is actually provisional but the chance for 'The samurai of slide' - Haga's nickname- to join is very small. He might be not ride in 2012 WSBK.

Flight of ideas say:
"This really a sad thing for all motorsport fans. Haga is known as talented rider even he has never won the title. He just almost get the title, one of the news website just called him "King without a crown" If he really miss the 2012 season he will lost the chance for the world title. This condition remind me where Max Biaggi got no place in motoGP. What a sad thing. In addition there is interesting facts related to the entry list. There is a newcomer from motoGP, Hiroshi Aoyama. Seems like a regeneration for Japanese rider here, hopefully he will rise this season. Haga out, Hiro in.. " 

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The FIM has released the provisional entry list for 2012 World Superbike Championship. The opening race will be held on 26 February in Phillip Island Australia

World Superbike 2012 entry list

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picture taken from

Poskotanews reported that there will be a policy for students related to private vehicle. Students are prohibited to use private vehicle in their way to school. This policy based on the effort to emphasize the importance of public transport, reduce congestion, and the high number of accidents involving those aged under 25 years. 

Flight of ideas say:
"If we look at current conditions where public transport as we can say bad, high number of criminals, bad driver, bad vehicles, this policy seems force the students. In other words, if the facility are really good students will automatically use public transport and this policy can be applied and hopefully the congestion will be reduced. Then if the reason is about the number of accidents, another action is needed to facilitate those (student especially senior high school) who drive a car/ ride a bike. Traffic education is good choice. They (school) can cooperate with local authorities, like police or vehicle manufacturers to educate the students about safety riding. Last if this policy want to be applied please improve the quality of public transport first."
the presence one of public transportation (metro mini) which is rated still far from the words 'comfort'

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Bridge illustration

[The Jakarta Post] Following the appointment for the building project between the presidential and the developers preparation for the construction has just begun. This project is estimated to cost at least Rp 100 trilion.

"The bridge is planned to be at last 29 kilometers long - six times the length of the Suramadu bridge. which connects Java and Madura- and have six car lanes, double railway tracks and motocycle lanes."

Flight of ideas say:
Look back to the success of Suramadu bridge the idea for Sunda strait bridge is very interesting. This new bridge will ease the citizen to reach both Sumatra and Java. In other words add an alternatives beside water transportation. According to the plan the construction of Sunda strait bridge is awesome with a lot of lanes include for car, motorcycles, and even railway. However the awesome of the bridge which offer some advantage I hope didn't turn off water transportation through ports. Or maybe the bridge just can focus on human transport while the water transportation focus on cargo.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 MotoGP entry list announced

FIM (The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) has announced the provisional grid for the 2012 MotoGP World Championship. The opening round will be held on April 8th in Qatar.

Provisional 2012 MotoGP Entry List

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Beer is made up of ...

Since I celebrate the taste of this beverage, beer, my curiosity of the ingredients just came. It seems ridiculous if I don’t know at least the basic things related to. Beer itself is the third most popular drink after water and tea. This beverage also has great reputation around the world as includes to various social traditions.

beer for unity

Let’s begin…

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best 2011 motogp livery

Look back on 2011 motogp season,  flight of ideas have just chosen the best livery.. here they are

San Carlo Honda Gresini

Mainly white with red strip and san carlo logo plus castrol logo the design is simply and clean.

Yamaha Factory special anniversary livery

The red dashed-line is killing.. beautiful

Repsol Honda special anniversary livery

Stars are illuminate rc212v.. shiny

That's it.. What about yours?

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Science of James Bond [Book] -Smart!-

I say "When science talk every inventions in Bonds' gadget are never too good to be true.."

You'll find out that some of Bonds gadget shown in a film are like an inspiration for gadget in a real world.

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What do you think? sounds exaggerated? Yeah maybe as there's lot of rpg around. But I think this game is the best. Lot of knight class, monsters, and the most interesting is the storyline.

front cover
back cover

The story begin when one of the commanders in Almekia (the biggest country) starts rebellion by kind of supernatural effects, kills the King then established a new country named Esgares Empire. This new country has stimulate a chaos in Forsena (world they live). You'll be one of the rune knight who rule the country to return peace to the land. At least there are 5 country you can choose, Leonia, Norgard, New Almekia, Iscalio, and Caerleon who has it own interesting background story. Logically those country can grouped together against Esgares but the condition described just chaos. Each country just want to prove their power and conquer/bring peace Forsena by their own except New Almekia and Caerleon who conducting for an alliance.

choose your country

Every people in this continent is related then class aspects both in knights and monsters enchant the gamer to play over an over and use another country. Moreover every country as well as the knights have its own background story. For example, New Almekia this is a new country rune by a price after the fell of Almekia Kingdom, Norgard is rune by a man outside the Palace while there's no prince but princess in the country. Then Iscalio who rune by Mad king (refer to his characteristic) and many more.


Actually I still have a lot words to say but I cut in this way.. i'll talk to you later. This is an exclusive you can't find it in other console, just Playstation (cause there's is no sequel :p)

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Talk about matic scooter this type of motorcycle is always serve pleasurable riding experience. The simplicity, handling they're all good. That's why matic is the best for a busy town like Jakarta. It also indicates the fast growing of matic scooter production in Indonesia.Talk about matic..this morning I saw a Suzuki Skydrive racing edition hmm it's totally attractive. Especially for the livery, very familiar. The combination of a sporty design and GSX-R livery theme, it's so cool.

let's take a look

Skydrive Racing edition source

gsx-r from motorcycle-usa

Suzuki racing edition troops, nice :D

cool but there's no sportbike variant :P

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