Bridge illustration

[The Jakarta Post] Following the appointment for the building project between the presidential and the developers preparation for the construction has just begun. This project is estimated to cost at least Rp 100 trilion.

"The bridge is planned to be at last 29 kilometers long - six times the length of the Suramadu bridge. which connects Java and Madura- and have six car lanes, double railway tracks and motocycle lanes."

Flight of ideas say:
Look back to the success of Suramadu bridge the idea for Sunda strait bridge is very interesting. This new bridge will ease the citizen to reach both Sumatra and Java. In other words add an alternatives beside water transportation. According to the plan the construction of Sunda strait bridge is awesome with a lot of lanes include for car, motorcycles, and even railway. However the awesome of the bridge which offer some advantage I hope didn't turn off water transportation through ports. Or maybe the bridge just can focus on human transport while the water transportation focus on cargo.


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