What do you think? sounds exaggerated? Yeah maybe as there's lot of rpg around. But I think this game is the best. Lot of knight class, monsters, and the most interesting is the storyline.

front cover
back cover

The story begin when one of the commanders in Almekia (the biggest country) starts rebellion by kind of supernatural effects, kills the King then established a new country named Esgares Empire. This new country has stimulate a chaos in Forsena (world they live). You'll be one of the rune knight who rule the country to return peace to the land. At least there are 5 country you can choose, Leonia, Norgard, New Almekia, Iscalio, and Caerleon who has it own interesting background story. Logically those country can grouped together against Esgares but the condition described just chaos. Each country just want to prove their power and conquer/bring peace Forsena by their own except New Almekia and Caerleon who conducting for an alliance.

choose your country

Every people in this continent is related then class aspects both in knights and monsters enchant the gamer to play over an over and use another country. Moreover every country as well as the knights have its own background story. For example, New Almekia this is a new country rune by a price after the fell of Almekia Kingdom, Norgard is rune by a man outside the Palace while there's no prince but princess in the country. Then Iscalio who rune by Mad king (refer to his characteristic) and many more.


Actually I still have a lot words to say but I cut in this way.. i'll talk to you later. This is an exclusive you can't find it in other console, just Playstation (cause there's is no sequel :p)


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