Thursday, July 21, 2011

Types of Turtles

Turtles are attractive interesting reptile which has unique shape. They have shells that protect the turtle. This is self defense equipment for turtles. Shells are divided into two areas upper (carapace) and lower (plastron). They also have beaks. Their beaks are often as sharp as a knife. Even there are teeth in their beaks they don’t use them to chew but to break up their food.

Galapagos Tortoise (img source:

Turtle facts: “The first turtles are believed to have lived over 200 million years ago!... and their fossils are almost identical to turtles that are alive today!”-Animal-World.

According to their habitat turtle are divided into 4 types, they are land turtles, (semi terrestrial turtles, semi-aquatic turtles), and full-aquatic turtles.
Land turtles are usually called tortoise. They are lived in land/terrestrial and do not hibernate. Most of them are vegetarian. Semi-terrestrial or Terrapins commonly live both in water and the land. They are both carnivorous and vegetarian. There are also Semi-aquatic turtles, spending time most in water but need a sun. They usually bask on the stone or wood in the land. They were also a good swimmer. The most famous semi-aquatic turtle is red ear slider that had been known world wide. Finally there are turtles who actually aquatic, full aquatic turtles. They live in a lake, river, and also in the sea, commonly known as sea turtle.

These are some types that included to the 4 categories of turtles.
Land turtles: Indian star
Semi-terrestrial: Manouria emys, Eastern box turtle
Semi-aquatic: red ear slider, yellow bellied.
Full aquatic: soft shelled, sea turtles.

Animal World

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Plecos: A Monster Underwater

What do you think when you see this fish?

Plecos (img source:

We Indonesian usually called this fish “ikan sapu-sapu” for their ability to clean the tanks by eat algae and anything inside tanks. In Indonesia Pleco are no more known except a tank cleaner fish. When a fisher got this fish they usually released them or they just throw them because considered interfere fisher to catch their target.

But wait… can’t you see this?

img source (
img source (

This fish, Pleco.. are shapely attracted don’t they? Their head, fin, tail are unique, especially their mouth which has ability to suck. They are like a monster underwater. :D beside his scary shape Plecos has a peaceful behavior. .It'll be nice to be a pet. :D. Plecos are also usually skittish and quickly hide when danger approaches.

Plecos will get very large to be almost 18 inches (46 cm).

img source (
 Plecos are naturally attractive fish. :D

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Urlaub ist gekommen!

Holiday is come! yeah, that's what I waiting after this 4th term of my study.
In the begining of my holiday, hmm.. three days ago actually I found my German books which I used in a high school. It makes me remember how I learn German. At that time I wasn't seriously pay attention to my lecture so, I've just got very little about German, and the worst is I forget almost all over I've learned now.

A few seconds left... Then I said "Heyy, I got an idea! it must be interesting to learn German this holiday."

Hallo! wie geht's?
Ich bin Anggi und wohne in Jakarta. Ich bin Schuler. :D

my German book :D

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