Saturday, May 14, 2011

Descriptive Writing Task

Last Friday I've got an assignment to write a descriptive writing, it's about place. Then I choose Sentul International Circuit.

Sentul International Circuit 
Sentul is the only one international standardized circuit in Indonesia. Located in hilly area, Sentul is a bit cooler than tropical city Jakarta. However, the track still can get extremely hot in direct sunlight. Sentul is a simple and smooth circuit. As a whole, the track has 3.96 km in length and 15 m in width. Including 900 m long straight which is enable the speed up to 300 km/h before the first turn. Another speed corner is in the second turn, where the fastest driver can do 220 km/h in four wheel machine and 190 km/h in two wheel machine. With 50 pit garages, Sentul present several kind of race. There are: Grand prix, Motocross, Autocross, and Go-kart circuit. Following the grade 2 track license by FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile), this circuit is supported with regular facilities such as, Paddock –an area near the pits where cars or motorcycles are worked on before races-, Scrutineering –a technical inspection in terms of regulation-, 2 covered grandstands, gasoline pump, control tower, victory tower, and hospital room. Sentul is passable circuit for world class racing.


Specific purpose: To inform about Sentul International Circuit.

Topic Sentence: Sentul is the only one international standardized circuit in Indonesia.
Body: I. Location of Sentul Intl. Circuit
          II. Track info’s
          III. Supporting facilities
Conclusion: Sentul is a good enough circuit which is present world class racing.

Actually I'm not really sure about this essay. Is the requirements for descriptive writing already in there? Can we called this essay as a descriptive writing?

Please give your comment, whether is advice or critics. Thank you :)

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