*this article based on what I feel

I used my friends' bike by the way... when he came with Kawasaki Athlete, "aha, this is the right time to test that bike" said to myself. I immediately asked for a test.

I just want to say "Futuristic" 

Athlete headlamp

Riding position
It's quite good I think. The handlebar designed bit more high, you can compare with other same type like, Suzuki Satria Fu. This one (Athlete) is better for me. For footsteps the position is also good. As a whole the riding position as usual as a road bike, comfortable.

Here is the exciting part. This bike is light.. that's what I felt as started twist the grip. I can easily sped away. This is remembered me for Yamaha Vega ZR, that was light too. But I think Athlete is more light. Eventually I can't tested it further because we take placed in a college. Oh yeah, don't ever compare the acceleration with Suzuki Satria Fu as their specification is so different. Satria is absolutely lead for acceleration.


I felt the handling also light as well as the bike weight. Moreover I felt this is too light because I usually ride a heavy bike (weight) like, minerva r150vx or Yamaha Scorpio. But while I can adapt the handling I thought this bike is easy to control.


Kawasaki athlete provide a semi-sport bike with quite good acceleration without leaving a comfort side. Nice..

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Have a completely new team for upcoming season, Biaggi showed his optimistic in an exclusive interview with worldsbk.com

"...Everyone can imagine how tough it is to start a new world championship season with just a couple of months to organize everything and with a totally new team. Let's hope for the best!"

Aprilia and Biaggi have chosen Aligi Deganello - Marco Simoncelli's former crew chief - as Biaggi's new crew chief. 

"...I feel good about the decision both on the human and technical side of things... There are also three more people who have worked in Aprilia. I'm feeling confident about everything."

Glad to hear that Max! see you on next season. :)

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Do you know what is electronic dance music? In my opinion this music is like a magic that can move your body happily. Very nice and enjoyable music.

EDM divided into a lot of genre. Here the list.. However for several genre like house and trance, the music sounds similar. You maybe difficult to distinguish them.

Here it is DJ Antoine ft. The Beat Shakers - Ma Chérie as sample for Electro house, House

 And this is Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again as sample of Trance

Could you identify those genre and differentiate them?
To help identify every kind of  music in EDM you can go to http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/

This web provide a roots for every genre then completed with the samples. Very recommended site!  

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Max Biaggi WSBK 2012 Wall Calendar

I got the information from World Superbike page on facebook said that they launched wall calendar product. Shown My favorite rider Max Biaggi their post catched my attention. This is a great stuff for SBK fan. You all can get the calendar on myphoto.worldsbk.com

Here are the calendars (preview)

There are also available on Carlos Checa theme and WSBK season theme.

Actually I didn't buy the product. I just took the preview stuff to apply as my desktop wallpaper. :P

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Livery design for my bike

I prefer to follow racing livery like motoGP or WSBK rather than create my own design. Racing livery is always attractive and has its own atmosphere.

For my bike which is has a unique yellow color I think Yamaha black and yellow special 50th anniversary livery is the best design to adapt.

Yamaha 50th anniversary special livery

and this is template design for my bike by Bro Dsythe

Adapted black and yellow livery
Can't wait to put the design on my bike :D
What do you think?

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Several days ago I was accidentally search green day song in Youtube because I'm bored with my present playlist. Then I found new song titled, Cigarettes and valentines. I clicked and watched it. Do you know? When I heard the song suddenly I remember about Green days previous album American Idiot. Music arrangement, lyrics theme looks similar with American idiot for me.

After that a question came to my mind. Is it really a brand new song? If it yes I really happy because I like American Idiot more than their latest album 21st Century Breakdown.

Then I started a little investigation about the story behind that song. From wikipedia I knew that Cigarettes and valentines was already exist in 2003, a year before American Idiot released, from the album with same title. Eventually the master recording were stolen from the studio by an unknown individual. Instead of re-recording the stolen tracks, they decided to abandon the entire project and start over and resulted American Idiot.

That's why Cigarettes and valentines really close to American idiot in terms of musics material.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Frill-necked Lizard.. Beautiful

Did you ever see this reptile? it is beautiful isn't it?

This is Frill-necked Lizard. That name comes from large frill around it's neck. The frill is usually folded except when they feel threatened, the frill will open.

This lizard refer to arboreal, spending the majority time in the trees. To survive they usually eats insects, small lizards, spiders, cicadas, termites, and small mammals.

Frill-necked facts
"Their lifespan in the wild is unknown, but specimens in captivity have lived 20 years.- National Geographic."

This reptile included in large lizard that can reach up to 91.4 cm in length.

This species is spread in northern Australia and southern New Guinea.

Threatened Frill-necked lizard

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Me with the yellow one :)

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