Several days ago I was accidentally search green day song in Youtube because I'm bored with my present playlist. Then I found new song titled, Cigarettes and valentines. I clicked and watched it. Do you know? When I heard the song suddenly I remember about Green days previous album American Idiot. Music arrangement, lyrics theme looks similar with American idiot for me.

After that a question came to my mind. Is it really a brand new song? If it yes I really happy because I like American Idiot more than their latest album 21st Century Breakdown.

Then I started a little investigation about the story behind that song. From wikipedia I knew that Cigarettes and valentines was already exist in 2003, a year before American Idiot released, from the album with same title. Eventually the master recording were stolen from the studio by an unknown individual. Instead of re-recording the stolen tracks, they decided to abandon the entire project and start over and resulted American Idiot.

That's why Cigarettes and valentines really close to American idiot in terms of musics material.


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