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I used my friends' bike by the way... when he came with Kawasaki Athlete, "aha, this is the right time to test that bike" said to myself. I immediately asked for a test.

I just want to say "Futuristic" 

Athlete headlamp

Riding position
It's quite good I think. The handlebar designed bit more high, you can compare with other same type like, Suzuki Satria Fu. This one (Athlete) is better for me. For footsteps the position is also good. As a whole the riding position as usual as a road bike, comfortable.

Here is the exciting part. This bike is light.. that's what I felt as started twist the grip. I can easily sped away. This is remembered me for Yamaha Vega ZR, that was light too. But I think Athlete is more light. Eventually I can't tested it further because we take placed in a college. Oh yeah, don't ever compare the acceleration with Suzuki Satria Fu as their specification is so different. Satria is absolutely lead for acceleration.


I felt the handling also light as well as the bike weight. Moreover I felt this is too light because I usually ride a heavy bike (weight) like, minerva r150vx or Yamaha Scorpio. But while I can adapt the handling I thought this bike is easy to control.


Kawasaki athlete provide a semi-sport bike with quite good acceleration without leaving a comfort side. Nice..


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