Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Roman Emperor, Max Biaggi

Max Biaggi is a motorcycle racer. He is a former motoGP rider and now race in World Superbike. Many racing fans admire him for his ambition for champion. However some racing fans as well as his colleagues also complained for his attitude. Sometimes he takes a very hard effort and harms his colleagues but in reality every racing fans will miss him if he didn’t take part in a race. Max Biaggi has all the qualities of an incredible sportsman as well as attractive entertainer: His bravery and ambition, remarkable talent, and strong character.

Reviewing previous race. :D

First of all, Biaggi is well known for his ambition. He will do anything to take the podium even have to debate with his team and mechanics to get the best setting. He is also a big risk taker. In 2001 he had a conflict with Yamaha for bike matter. For the consequences he dropped out then joined to Honda because he thinks his previous team didn’t give their best for him. The best rival who ever felt how bitter compete with Roman Emperor –Biaggi’s nickname- is Valentino Rossi.

Biaggi and Rossi
Then, Biaggi is a clever racer who has its own way to finish a race. He is well known for his bravery both in racing style and in taking the racing line. Moreover some racing enthusiast says his racing style is dangerous. Nevertheless I think he is just elegant racer with his own way and very entertaining. His biggest achievement was winning World Superbike Championship in 2010.

Finally, Biaggi is not only a great racer he is also an attractive entertainer. Why? For all the character that I’ve mention before it makes him an entertaining racer. He serves great rivalries, a news maker, and creates a conflict just make a racing competition more enjoyable. The greatest rivalries he ever had are with The Doctor, Valentino Rossi. War of words, elbowing in a race, and hard fight just describe their rivalries.

Max Biaggi is more than a great sportsman. He makes a competition more enjoyable to watch. That’s why a lot of racing fans love him. Even though his performance this year little bit decrease, there is always a place for an entertaining racer as him.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fuel Efficiency Through Safety Riding

Photo by AP

You know what? fuel consumption also affected by your riding style. Bad riding style will waste a fuel. Moreover it can damaged you and your motorcycle. To prevent this you have to know how to ride correctly and safe. This method also known as Safety Riding.

With Safety Riding you will get a lot of benefit. Beside safety there is also a fuel efficiency. How it can be? let's take a look.

In Safety Riding we taught to gassing the engine slowly. In other way we have to be delicate with this control. This action will bring efficiency to the fuel and avoid any damage to your motorcycle parts.

Then we also taught to control the fronts and rear brake. We need to calculate a braking point. Don't take it too close to the stopping point. Avoid as mush as possible an engine breaking -a brake using the engine by downshift. Because an engine brake will consume a lot of fuel.

Majalah R2

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to make your blog mobile friendly

Mobile friendly? what does it mean? it means your blog become light when opened in mobile browser. Fast and easy to read. It's very important to give easy access for your reader. Wordpress is ahead in this, they served  wp touch for mobile pageviews long time ago. For blogger itself, they have a selection to make your blog mobile friendly.

I knew it when I open my friend's blog. His blog is easy and enjoy to read in mobile browser. Then I ask him via twitter and meanwhile I search the information, googling :D. Finally I know that blogger has been served the feature. And my friends blog use this feature. This feature called mobile templates. It is so easy to set. Ready?

Login to your blogger account. In dashboard click settings. Then choose Email & Mobile. In mobile template section choose "Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices." Then you can change the design of the templates if you want to. Finish? go to Save settings. Now check it from mobile browser and enjoy your mobile blog pageview. :D

My mobile pageviews

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Tom Sykes takes dramatic race victory in terible weather condition. He took the led after Japanese rider Noriyuki Haga fell. Then he survived until the race over. This is his first ever WSBK race victory and also secured Kawasaki's first win since 2006. Race direction called to stop the race because the rains re-doubled in intensity. Nurburgring second race resulted Sykes ahead of Sylvain Guintoli and Jakub Smrz in second and third place. Meanwhile Jonathan Rea was in fourth place ahead of Eugene Laverty and Marco Melandri. The standings leader Carlos Checa was played safe in Eighth place.

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Big football game series FIFA is back. A game with all over 500 team officially licensed by FIFA is due to be released on September.

According to vgreleases.com, FIFA 12 on PS2 has a confirmed release date on Friday 30 September 2011 for America, Europe, and Australia.

Features that offered from this new series are:

Intelligent Soccer; This is an improvement from previous gameplay. Gameplay mirrors real-world soccer with sophisticated ball control, responsive shooting and pin-point passing. Players are intelligent on attack and quick to counter attack, moving into scoring areas to create more opportunities on the ground and through the air.

Be The Goal Keeper; Take control of the goalkeeper and command the game from the most important position on the pitch. Play carrer as a goal keeper.

Carrer Mode; Play as a player or manager and lead the team through 15 seasons of club soccer and international competitions. There's a FAME system to earn prestigious offers from other clubs.

Video or picture for preview is coming up.


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