Big football game series FIFA is back. A game with all over 500 team officially licensed by FIFA is due to be released on September.

According to, FIFA 12 on PS2 has a confirmed release date on Friday 30 September 2011 for America, Europe, and Australia.

Features that offered from this new series are:

Intelligent Soccer; This is an improvement from previous gameplay. Gameplay mirrors real-world soccer with sophisticated ball control, responsive shooting and pin-point passing. Players are intelligent on attack and quick to counter attack, moving into scoring areas to create more opportunities on the ground and through the air.

Be The Goal Keeper; Take control of the goalkeeper and command the game from the most important position on the pitch. Play carrer as a goal keeper.

Carrer Mode; Play as a player or manager and lead the team through 15 seasons of club soccer and international competitions. There's a FAME system to earn prestigious offers from other clubs.

Video or picture for preview is coming up.



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