Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to make your blog mobile friendly

Mobile friendly? what does it mean? it means your blog become light when opened in mobile browser. Fast and easy to read. It's very important to give easy access for your reader. Wordpress is ahead in this, they served  wp touch for mobile pageviews long time ago. For blogger itself, they have a selection to make your blog mobile friendly.

I knew it when I open my friend's blog. His blog is easy and enjoy to read in mobile browser. Then I ask him via twitter and meanwhile I search the information, googling :D. Finally I know that blogger has been served the feature. And my friends blog use this feature. This feature called mobile templates. It is so easy to set. Ready?

Login to your blogger account. In dashboard click settings. Then choose Email & Mobile. In mobile template section choose "Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices." Then you can change the design of the templates if you want to. Finish? go to Save settings. Now check it from mobile browser and enjoy your mobile blog pageview. :D

My mobile pageviews


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