Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Roman Emperor, Max Biaggi

Max Biaggi is a motorcycle racer. He is a former motoGP rider and now race in World Superbike. Many racing fans admire him for his ambition for champion. However some racing fans as well as his colleagues also complained for his attitude. Sometimes he takes a very hard effort and harms his colleagues but in reality every racing fans will miss him if he didn’t take part in a race. Max Biaggi has all the qualities of an incredible sportsman as well as attractive entertainer: His bravery and ambition, remarkable talent, and strong character.

Reviewing previous race. :D

First of all, Biaggi is well known for his ambition. He will do anything to take the podium even have to debate with his team and mechanics to get the best setting. He is also a big risk taker. In 2001 he had a conflict with Yamaha for bike matter. For the consequences he dropped out then joined to Honda because he thinks his previous team didn’t give their best for him. The best rival who ever felt how bitter compete with Roman Emperor –Biaggi’s nickname- is Valentino Rossi.

Biaggi and Rossi
Then, Biaggi is a clever racer who has its own way to finish a race. He is well known for his bravery both in racing style and in taking the racing line. Moreover some racing enthusiast says his racing style is dangerous. Nevertheless I think he is just elegant racer with his own way and very entertaining. His biggest achievement was winning World Superbike Championship in 2010.

Finally, Biaggi is not only a great racer he is also an attractive entertainer. Why? For all the character that I’ve mention before it makes him an entertaining racer. He serves great rivalries, a news maker, and creates a conflict just make a racing competition more enjoyable. The greatest rivalries he ever had are with The Doctor, Valentino Rossi. War of words, elbowing in a race, and hard fight just describe their rivalries.

Max Biaggi is more than a great sportsman. He makes a competition more enjoyable to watch. That’s why a lot of racing fans love him. Even though his performance this year little bit decrease, there is always a place for an entertaining racer as him.

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