Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fuel Efficiency Through Safety Riding

Photo by AP

You know what? fuel consumption also affected by your riding style. Bad riding style will waste a fuel. Moreover it can damaged you and your motorcycle. To prevent this you have to know how to ride correctly and safe. This method also known as Safety Riding.

With Safety Riding you will get a lot of benefit. Beside safety there is also a fuel efficiency. How it can be? let's take a look.

In Safety Riding we taught to gassing the engine slowly. In other way we have to be delicate with this control. This action will bring efficiency to the fuel and avoid any damage to your motorcycle parts.

Then we also taught to control the fronts and rear brake. We need to calculate a braking point. Don't take it too close to the stopping point. Avoid as mush as possible an engine breaking -a brake using the engine by downshift. Because an engine brake will consume a lot of fuel.

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