Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Accident in Indonesia

Photo by Antara
According to the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, at least 1000 accident reported in Jakarta during 2010. This fact is totally awful where some of that case caused death. Now, the traffic turned to the dangerous place in Indonesia. As soon as possible this problem must be solved to create a safety for motorist. Accident in Indonesia not only caused by careless driving but also caused by other factors like bad infrastructure and bad vehicle condition.

Some drivers are careless about their vehicle and some other just send it to bad service station for cost reason whereas a regular check for vehicle is important. The most prominent part to check regularly is tires and brake. Those parts are absolutely important for our safety. When their condition is going bad it will threat us. Bad tires will lose your control and make you easily slipped in the road as well as bad brake.

Another aspect that supports the occurrence of accident is bad infrastructure. While small country like Singapore has good traffic facilities, Indonesia which is a big country has bad facilities. Broken traffic light, not clear road sign, and poor road just describe the condition of Indonesia’s traffic. This circumstance automatically threat motorist. They confused by terrible management which can lead an accident.

Poor road condition
The last but not least is about the driver awareness. The awareness especially in Indonesia is less both of the driver, rider, and public transport driver. There are still many motorists who disobey the law for unacceptable reason. Ran a red light, entering bus way road, against traffic flow, and other careless attitude like eat, grooming, and take a cell phone while driving will bring a nightmare; both for the pedestrians and the drivers.

It's dangerous!
To suppress the number of accident in Indonesia we must not only concern to the motorist but also the facilities as well as the officer. Road facilities improvement can be initial step for government to solve this problem. Then it can be followed by safety riding campaign to aware the public.


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