Saturday, July 16, 2011

Plecos: A Monster Underwater

What do you think when you see this fish?

Plecos (img source:

We Indonesian usually called this fish “ikan sapu-sapu” for their ability to clean the tanks by eat algae and anything inside tanks. In Indonesia Pleco are no more known except a tank cleaner fish. When a fisher got this fish they usually released them or they just throw them because considered interfere fisher to catch their target.

But wait… can’t you see this?

img source (
img source (

This fish, Pleco.. are shapely attracted don’t they? Their head, fin, tail are unique, especially their mouth which has ability to suck. They are like a monster underwater. :D beside his scary shape Plecos has a peaceful behavior. .It'll be nice to be a pet. :D. Plecos are also usually skittish and quickly hide when danger approaches.

Plecos will get very large to be almost 18 inches (46 cm).

img source (
 Plecos are naturally attractive fish. :D


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