Thursday, January 19, 2012

Haga still no team

Following the provisional entry list for 2012 WSBK championship issued by FIM, it has indicated that Haga still without a team yet. Previously Haga rumored will be placed on Ducati and also both teams in Britain and Japan. Moreover he also rumored for retirement. The list issued is actually provisional but the chance for 'The samurai of slide' - Haga's nickname- to join is very small. He might be not ride in 2012 WSBK.

Flight of ideas say:
"This really a sad thing for all motorsport fans. Haga is known as talented rider even he has never won the title. He just almost get the title, one of the news website just called him "King without a crown" If he really miss the 2012 season he will lost the chance for the world title. This condition remind me where Max Biaggi got no place in motoGP. What a sad thing. In addition there is interesting facts related to the entry list. There is a newcomer from motoGP, Hiroshi Aoyama. Seems like a regeneration for Japanese rider here, hopefully he will rise this season. Haga out, Hiro in.. " 


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