Wednesday, January 25, 2012

'Cornering' between supported skill and trend

Cornering: the way you turn.

The term 'cornering' is new for me. I knew this word by the one of community members. Cornering refer to the skill of turning. This skill usually characterized by the lower position -'knee down'- as racer do when turns. Some people think this skill are not proper do in the road, you just can't do that turn as you were in the race track. But some enthusiast thought cornering is all covered as the right skill in turning not are just turn like a racer. In other words this skill are required especially in the worst condition of a traffic in Indonesia. For the turning skill like knee down you can't do as you want, be careful with your companion in the road. As a biker I believe you will know when is the time, just follow the instinct. More you in a road more you learn (get), experience.

Cornering are popular among two-wheel lover today. Some biker learns it to improve their skill. They search for a perfect track. A wide track is the point. In Indonesia there is Monasco -around national monument-, then Ocean park BSD, and many more. There is no competition here, if in groups they go in line then cornering, just like in a race track.

Enjoy cornering
While some other I saw, they do cornering for their own satisfaction. We can say as a hobby. Like skateboarding they cornering like do an ollie, grind or whatever. Armed with knee and arm protector, soft compound tire, and racing footstep they began. This skill might wider as a freestyle move equal to whellie, stoppie, burnouts. Honestly their action is absolutely cool. I ever saw them in Ocean park BSD and I enjoyed it.

One of the cornering actions in Ocean Park
Both are good whenever you want to improve as a supported skill in the road or cornering as a freestyle. However you must consider several things before you jump into it. You must be extra careful as you cornering in the road. Especially as a hobby, set up the time when the road really in desolate or you will just harming other motorist. I've ever seen there is a biker almost got an accidents, he just finished cornering while upfront there is a car u-turning. That was horrible only a few inches left,  fortunately the driver just stop his car then let the biker pass him. I bet both the driver and rider was shocked.

Cornering to improve racing skill is not recommended. If you want to learn racing skill then jump into a race just go to a circuit. Last, prepare yourself before go cornering. Your gear, your bike, and the road condition that's all you need and have fun.



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