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Poskotanews reported that there will be a policy for students related to private vehicle. Students are prohibited to use private vehicle in their way to school. This policy based on the effort to emphasize the importance of public transport, reduce congestion, and the high number of accidents involving those aged under 25 years. 

Flight of ideas say:
"If we look at current conditions where public transport as we can say bad, high number of criminals, bad driver, bad vehicles, this policy seems force the students. In other words, if the facility are really good students will automatically use public transport and this policy can be applied and hopefully the congestion will be reduced. Then if the reason is about the number of accidents, another action is needed to facilitate those (student especially senior high school) who drive a car/ ride a bike. Traffic education is good choice. They (school) can cooperate with local authorities, like police or vehicle manufacturers to educate the students about safety riding. Last if this policy want to be applied please improve the quality of public transport first."
the presence one of public transportation (metro mini) which is rated still far from the words 'comfort'


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