Identified! Siebenrockiella crassicollis

The investigation for identifying this kind of turtle began by the possibility of hybrid or cross breed between this turtle and RES (Red Ear Slider). Both of the pet are belongs to my friend, Anna. She told me the turtle ever nesting several times but failed to hatch. The question is both of this turtle are different in species. One of the turtles identified as RES but the another one is unknown. Then after discussion in a reptile forum [at] kaskus, they suggest me to upload the picture of the mysterious turtle to identify. So we can conclude if there is a cross bred or not.


The investigation began by captured some pictures by my friend then she sent it to me. After that I uploaded it to the forum. The guys told me the turtle is Siebenrockiella crassicollis, we Indonesian called it Kura-kura pipi putih. That's it, the turtle identified.

Back to the topic, is that really there is a cross breed? we can't conclude yet. However there is two possibilities here. The fertilization of turtle is possibly empty sometime so there might be an eggs but empty. Then might be there is a cross breed. Once again we can't conclude yet. We don't know what is the minimum requirements for a cross breed.

To be continue...

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