Beautiful circuit? what circuit that I mean? According to the schedule for 26 february 2012, the race will be begin in the Phillip Island Australia. Maybe some people disagree, thought that this circuit just same with other world class circuit with it's own characteristics but this is what I felt. The first thing came is my mind when heard 'Phillip Island' is the beautiful scenery there.

This is epic! :D

This 4.445 km with 12 turns circuit is located in beach area with beautiful ocean views. What a breathtaking scenery. Fast bikes, brave riders, sexy grid girls and the beauty circuits that's a perfect match.


Yes you are right. I have been to Phillip Island many times for both World Super Bikes and 500cc and Moto Gp. This circuit is one of the best on the calender, with spectacular scenery and some of the best racing with lots of over taking. Just about all the riders say it is one of their favourtie tracks being a real racers track.

Glad to know that you're read this post. :D

Yeah, Phillip Island is great. Wish I could visit someday

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