Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Impression Tourist Trophy [PS2]

Another video game conjured me up. Now it’s for a motorcycle racing game titled Tourist Trophy. The first time I saw this game, it’s about the slogan –The real riding simulator-. Sounds familiar right? Yeah it was similar as Gran Turismo slogan –the real driving simulator- just difference in word ‘riding and driving’. It makes me assured about this game. I expect this game same as the famous Gran Turismo series. And the important is this is a motorcycle racing game, haha :D you know what? I prefer riding than driving. Ok, now I’ll bring you to the review or first impression when I play this game.

Tourist Trophy is a motorcycle racing game designed by Polyphony Digital, the same team that makes the famous Gran Turismo series (no wonder the slogans is very similar hehe). This game released on 2006 (Yes, I’m late to know this game :D).


This game has offered a broad range of modern motorcycle, including scooters, enduro, Motard, sportbikes and naked bikes, as well as modified versions. Featuring more than 35 courses and more than 100 motorcycle from famous manufacturer including Yamaha, Honda, BMW, Ducati, and Suzuki. Nice huh? Unfortunately, some of bikes looks old-fashioned (maybe in a row with the year of released).


The gameplay absolutely follow the Gran Turismo rule. This game has offered perfect handling and rider perspective. There are two modes, Arcade mode and TT mode. For Arcade mode it’s like a free riding, you can choose the bike and course freely. And for TT mode just like a career mode.


The courses, bikes, rider, crashes, it’s all good enough. I feel a real riding simulator in my console :D. Maybe just the dashboard views that need improvement.

Bonus Gallery
(click to enlarge)

Dashboard view
Broad selection of bike

Bike selection

Hopefully, they’ll make the sequel with new bikes, new courses and better graphics for the dashboard. :D

my own experience


er- maybe I must try this one..
how's bout we've duel for this one? :D

You must try this game. This is the best motorcycle racing game ever. :D

Are you challenge me? haha Try this game first, then having a practice. It needs an acquirement. :P

really? gimme that.
but it's a game from 2006, right? have u play from the new release?

I think without practice I can beat you :D

Whoaa, absolutely no! buy for urself.

have u read the whole article? there isn't a sequel yet.

Haha, how cocky u are.

haha... I mean u rent it fomme :D

of course I've read that... but I mean, have u play the new release on the same category?

haha... are u afraid?
how sissy u are :D

how can i download this game english version ??
if u have the link please mail me at

I don't have the link as I played this on ps2.

this is ps2 games.. you should search the file of this game in PC game format. If you download the ps2 format you'll need an emulator to run it.

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