This certainty obtained from motorkencang blog. Motorkencang have had contacted his friend that have been working in Trans Corp. via SMS. These are the following message ...

“sorry nur, pas sms msk lg naik mtr,pas nyampe rmh malah lupa,ini baru inget krn ada sms masuk,motogp tetep di trans7, juga superbike.”

[..., motoGP still in Trans7, also Superbike."]

So, for motor racing (motoGP and WSBK) fans in Indonesia don't worry, we can watch the 2011 season in Trans7.

source: motken blog


that's sound good. but still, i can't watch it.
i can't watch MotoGp alone, i used to watch it w/ my Pa.
then he getting busy now till couldn't watch it w/ me. poor me.

Take it easy, you can watch with ur friends or with me maybe, lol.

It's no problem to watch alone when you have a favorite rider, you watch it to support him right? and just enjoy the race, overtaking, crash, and the podium. Try it! :D

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