Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to Write Novel Review


Maybe later materials of this blog mostly taken from my task. Because of my busyness I didn't have much time to prepare specific materials but don't worry, if I have a time I'll make it. And this blog is the place to share that I've learn to my reader.

Now, I'll tell you 'how to write a review novel?'

This methods I've got from my lecture, one of the capable lecturer that I have.

So, what should there in your review?

First you must give the reason why you choose the novel. Show your recommend for who this novel should be. Tell about your favorite character and your favorite event or chapter. Finally don’t forget to write the message that we can learn from that novel.

Here’s my review novel. Take a look.

Killer Spores
(The third book in the Man from Atlantis series)
A novel by
Richard Woodley

I choose this novel because I think the story is simple. The title “Killer Spores” make me curious about the story. The cover also make me interest about this book. And I just read the synopsis and the theme is futuristic. Finally I choose this novel because the simple story.

This novel is good for people that like simple story and specially people who loved science and futuristic things. The story is full of science, lab, and a kind of experiment.

My favorite character is Mark. He is a last man from Atlantis, and he had extraordinary power. He is a good man, when he knows that spores infect the whole town he didn’t want to destroy them even his friend Elizabeth the scientist told that the spores is dangerous, because he want to know the reason why the spores came to earth and infected. He believes that only him can solve this problem because only him can hear and see that spores.

The nice event for me is when Mark finally can communicate with the spores that use his friend body and know the reason why they can. Finally Mark knew and agreed to help the spores and this part is also the climax of the story.

The story awaking us to not reckless when facing problem and should resolved well to know what really happen.


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