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FIFA11 VS PES 2011 [ps2]

Usually I post something related about English, joke, or features that drill my writing skills. Now, I bring you a different one. It’s about video games. Playing video games is my hobby. You know what? Play video games can also improve your English. Enjoy!

In the end of 2011, two big game developers, EA Sports and Konami released their own soccer game series. EA Sport released FIFA 11 and Konami released PES 2011. This game released for all platforms include ps2. Each game has its own privilege. Now, I’ll take you to a battle between PES 2011 and FIFA 11. (note: just for ps2 version)


FIFA 11 offered a great gameplay at least for ps2. The moves like runs, pass, shot etc. are closest to reality. For PES 2011 there is no specific change from previous series PES 2010. FIFA 11 is lead.


As usual PES 2011 has a great graphics (views, players, etc.) even for ps2. Then in FIFA 11 the graphic has improved but still can’t beat PES.
PES 2011

FIFA always lead for this one. FIFA has license of some of big league in the world. Then for PES 2011 they just has partly license. For details visit this Wikipedia pages


Each game has lot of typical features. One of my favorite in PES is master league, and for PES 2011 has improved like (sponsors, etc.) but in FIFA I found more. The menu in FIFA ‘manager mode’ (or master league in PES) has a lot of team element like youth players, team board, morality, media effects, and a transfers negotiation that closest to the real, something that I can’t found in PES 2011. The comments in FIFA 11 manager mode makes me feel in the team that I manage.

And the winner is … FIFA11. :D

Previously I’m a big fan of PES but in this version I prefer FIFA 11 that offered me more. Graphic deficiency in FIFA 11 has covered by other contents.

I choose FIFA11. What about you?


my own experience


i hv no idea about this games. you chose FIFA11, and i choose pacman. yay! :)

you don't ever know those game? come and play with me. lol

A pacman? are you still play pacman?

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