Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Riding in the Rain

Rainy season has come and inspired me. I was inspired to tell about Safety riding focused on riding in the rain. You know what? I have a bad experience when riding in the rain. I was badly slipped that time. I flown over, fell my bike. My body as well as my bike was damaged. To avoid this and get safety, there are several things that must be considered when you riding in the rain. What are they?

In the rain, grip tires to the road is reduced and also our vision. It makes handling get difficult. So, what should you do? You must reduce your speed. It’s make you easier to handle the bike and anticipate if you have sudden braking. Braking slowly and use rear and front brake simultaneously. And beware of a road condition. Keep in a safe distance also helped. The main point is concentrate and being careful or bad things will happen to you.

Turn on your headlight. It’s helped to giving mark to another driver in a back and front. If there’s a fog lamp you may use it.

Riding Equipment
Two piece rain coat

In the rain we have an extra’s equipment. You better use a two piece rain coat type to avoid the coat entangled in the chain like in on piece type. Two piece rain coat type is more safety rather than one piece type. It’s good to have a bright colored ran coat, It’s help another drivers to know you. It’s good if you use boots or sneakers, it’ll protect your feet because made by rubber. Never ride with barefoot, it can reduce your reflex. And don’t forget your helmet. Last words, if the rain going worst just stop riding, find a good place to stay.


My own experience
R2 magazine 28th February 2008


weew.. it's a bad experience but also can be a learning, right?
Good job for ur writing.. ^o^

btw, bulid up ur writing skill, I think u have it but need much exercise..


Absolutely yes.
Exercise? This is my exercise.

If there's something you want to correct, you may correct it.

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