Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Chain

My bike chains :D

Chains is one of the important parts in the motorcycles. Their task is to transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel. So, they need a proper maintenance to prevent a worse thing that might come to you or other motorist. Chains should be inspected for every 2000 km or twice a month.

We just need to do two simple things in this maintain. First is lubricate then the last is adjusting the tension.

For lubricating we can use SAE 80-90 oil or chain lube product. It's not recommended to use a used oil as a lubricant. It just make it chain worse and more dirty. Before lubricating we need to clean the chain. Then lubricate the chain with rotating the wheel.

After that we inspect the chains if it need an adjustment by pull it up and down. Set the tension by moving the rear axle. Recommended tension is about 2cm - 3cm. Don't forget to see rear axle position by index marks shown in the swing arm. Match it left and right.

Finish. :D

R2 Magazine

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What a good news for serie A fans in Indonesia. According to that Indosiar has held the broadcasting rights for 2011/2012 season.

It will be at least 3 match for a week with a delay for addition.

"We've got the broadcasting rights for a season. For the first giornata(match) 27-28 August there will be a 3 live match and a delay match for the next." Said Frisca Atinus as a producer for sport shows in Indosiar.


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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lifetime of Your Helmet

Helmet is one of the important gears for riding. To keep it works well you must pay attention about the condition of your helmet.

You know what? a helmet also has a expiry date. According to, helmets like Arai, Shoei, Nolan can be used up to 4-5 years. More than that the helmet will not work properly. From R2 magazine, most of local helmet labeled SNI -Indonesian National Standarized- just can be used up to 2 years.

Also note if your helmet ever bumped something hard. The peformance of this helmet will decline.

Look back to your helmet, is it still safe to use? :D

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To optimize the space in the CD-r or DVD-r we can burn it more than once. It's called multisession disc. For this action we need a help from third-party program. In this tutorial I use Nero.

Here it is:
1. Open Nero Program
2. Choose Make Data Disc
3. Then choose folders and files that you want to written to disc.
4. In the Final Burn Settings Window choose Allow files to be added later (multisession disc).

5. Click Burn

Now your CDs or DVDs can be burn more than once.


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