07-08-12 23.30 Indonesia time… I felt so excited and curious… (warm up set was playing) in countdown to ASOT (A state of trance) #550 live from Moscow. I’ve been waiting for this after I left the previous London episode. I was expecting a great music as that time in London was made a big crowd around the world. #ASOT was a worldwide trending topic that time.

Armin just said about the sets. There are two side state of blue which will be played and state of yellow for the next session in Kiev. What a set! The state of blue contains great massive DJ like Arty, ATB, Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin, W&W, and many more. I felt so lucky, this is the first time I listen to ASOT live. What a perfect time! :D

Armin announcing
Boom! The show has just begun… (Ruben De Ronde started) This is the time, we’re all connected. We together #TranceFamily listen to #ASOT550. The crowd can be seen through social media like twitter. It shown how excited they was and mentioned where they are listening from as Armin ask them using #ASOT550 hashtag. Really, Armin Van Buuren brings trance all over the world.

(Ruben De Ronde on decks,, his set was playing) what a great opening. I’ve never know him before but his set is totally good. And it’s still continued with next set by other DJ’s in state of blue. I couldn’t agree more ASOT is one of the biggest show of trance. It brings trance around the world. During the show besides listening by stream, we offered live report on the web (live.astateoftrance.com) included the latest picture on location, and some tweet from #TranceFamily. They bring trance atmosphere in our home.

You know what? I kept listening until 02.00 Indonesia time, although I got a morning class on 07.30. I decided to stop while rank 1 on the deck, caused I need to sleep. I just left Armin set as well as Dash Berlin :( … but later on I decided to let it be… it’s just about the time. Hope next time I could listen to their sets. Despite of all I really enjoyed the show, Thanks to Armin and all the crews best wishes for you all! :D


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