Surabaya zoo entrance
The bad condition of Surabaya Zoo has reached its peak. After the death of the last remaining giraffe with 18 kg wad of plastic in its stomach, now turn to the Javanese bull which dead after has wound on its leg. That bull was rammed by others when they’re looking for female bull. This incident occurred by the cage that are too full. This zoo is a nightmare.

Previously 2 years ago, came up a report told 25 from 4000 animals there dead every month, most of them are suddenly dead. They’re African lion, Sumatran tiger, and some of crocodile. And this cruel condition continues till now.

Javanese bull in a treatment before its death
The worst internal management plays an important role here. This is the root of the problems which caused to unfocused handling of the animals. From the uncontrolled breed, lack of funds for the animals, until a probability for an illegal animal market which involved the staff. Surabaya zoo doesn’t have enough places to keep the massive number of animals.

If we look at the situation, this zoo is no longer feasible due to cruel and scandalous conditions. There are only two choices for Surabaya zoo. A shut down or a privatization as Tony Sumampouw, an experienced zoo manager said, this zoo is needed a total renovation. “We need to think about a private management or moving some of animals.” said him.

Rusty sign on Surabaya zoo (photo by AndhikaLiu, Feb 2012

If there is no one who eager to take the zoo, a shut down can be a good choice. The animals could be spread to others zoo rather than forced to defend this zoo (not seriously) and harmed the animals. However if there is a company who want to take care the zoo would be great. A big whole change must be added to save this zoo.

Unfortunately until this post posted I haven’t yet hear about the response of the government as the authorities to take action then solve this problem.

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