Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Feline Duo, Lion and White Tiger

You are not watching the scene of an animated film. This is a real story of unlike friendship by two big cats.

This unique story came from Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Two big cats, lion Cameron and white tiger Zabu live together in harmony as companions.

love? :)

A meeting between the two predators would have been impossible in the wild as they hail from different continents.
Male African lion (Cameron) and female white tiger (Zabu)

Play-fighting predators (They looked so fun :-D )
say hi to Zabu :)

They were rescued from a roadside zoo eight years ago.

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ahhh melting liatnya :D

romantis yaa :D gak kebayang kalo mereka kawin anaknya gimana :))

anaknya seru pasti, gondrong dan garis2 :D

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