Saturday, April 21, 2012

Minerva X-Road 150s "Fresh"

On April 17th Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) finally launched their brand new bike, X-Road 150s in Segarra Beach Ancol.Came with Street Fighter style this bike really catch an attention.

After reading several review from bloggers, I found some improved components on X-Road 150s compared to the previous types. So far so good for MMI, this improvement is a signal that they're serious in this business.

This new bike applied wide rim 2,5 inch (front) 3,5 inch (rear) and tires 110/90 -17 (front) 130/70 - 17 (rear)

Then, is the tank cap. Better from the previous. (previous tank cap has a low quality..)

Full digital speedometer

Some bloggers were said the finishing quality is better as well as the machine.

Well, I just can't said a lot because I haven't seen and test to ride it directly. Honestly I am interested in this bike, hope I can find this bike in upcoming routine service at the dealers.

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wow, new bike from Minerva, will be a good rival for Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS because it has similiar look and some features but diferent engine capacity. can't wait for the riding test report. :)

Nice Post brooo!

Yes, it can be but this bike will directly head to head with byson, new mega pro, and other 150cc bikes. This year is going to be a deadly market rivalries in 150cc with new bike from honda, bajaj, and brand new v-ixion from yamaha.

riding test? I hope so. but I can't ensure because I haven't any access to test yet.

It's nice to know you ilmuwan. I've visited your blog, seems you also like two-wheels :D hope we can share more

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