Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Reason Why Save Endangered Animals

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You must be ever seen a sign said “Save Tiger”, “Save Crocodile”, “Save Orangutan”, “Save Sea Turtle” and many other as a campaign to save those animals from extinction. Some people told that those animals are important identity for its origin, like Orangutan and Komodo which are endemic animal in Indonesia, or just for a commercial reason like in tourism section.

A months ago there was a public awareness spread for saving Javanese Rhino. As long as I follow the issues, the campaign just told about the status of the Rhinos which are endangered and need support for their survival. I’ve rarely seen people tell about the reason ‘why we should save the rhinos?’ is this important? How far?

A beverage TV commercial sponsored to the conservation of the Javan Rhino just told “no Badak (Rhino in Bahasa), not okay” at least that was the words in the ads. It’s terrible. Even for a tagline, what reason is that? Can’t they elaborate more logical reason to tell? It’s so funny. Actually approaches from TV commercial would be very effective in this case but how come people will understand if the reason just unclear? Come on, we need more explanation.

So what is the main reason for us to save endangered animals in the world?

Animals as well as plants are plays an important role to the life of the world. They are contributed for various medicine and food. Moreover, the extinction of one species animal or plant will influence other species. In other words an ecological balance will disturbed.

How bad is it?
Can you imagine when the ecosystem is no longer balance? Do you think there must be no more life in the world? 
Yes, maybe that’s the end of the world.

"Save me for a better life"


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