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Last Wednesday, 18 of July 12, I’ve got a chance to test all new Vario pgm-fi. After classes I remembered about to test drive new variant of scooter matic from Honda. I asked my friend, Toni, if I could lend his bike for a drive test. He said ‘yes’. Okay, time for a ride!

 I start switched on the engine*vroom. Nice, the electric starter has no sound. I tested this bike around my campus. First impression when I twisted the gas was smooth response by the bike. The grip itself not so soft like moped type. It’s little bit hard but easy to control. Maybe it designed to serve highly sensitive of acceleration in this scooter matic. I personally like this adjustment which is close to other gas grip in sport bike rather than moped.

From parking lot in the side of my Faculty I rolled passes Student Center then to another parking lot above then passes Labs. Turning around in science and tech faculty, passes the Library and another Faculty before I back to my Faculty where my friends is waiting.

me after test the bike
I tested the handling by keeping off speed bumps turning the handlebar right and left. I felt the handle bar is shorter than other motorcycle because the handling was closes to perfection. It’s so easily to control the bike. I thought it will really helpful in congestion city like Jakarta. Once again I twisted the gas in straight. Yes, it was good response in acceleration. That’s maybe from the pgm-fi technology. The ergonomic of riding position was quiet comfortable. The seat is wide enough and the unslippery footrest was really help.

That’s all my first impression of all new Vario Techno 125 pgm-fi. Thanks to my friend Tony for lend the bikes.


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