Friday, September 17, 2010

Simple Future Tense

Mrs. Puff: I will free next week. :(
(+) S + will/shall/be going to + v-1 + O + adverb of time
(-) S + will/shall/be going to + not + O + adverb of time
(?) Will/shall/be going to + S + v-1 + O + adverb of time

She will help me next week.
I will not be here tomorrow
Shall we go to school?


To expresses future time. When the speaker is making a prediction, either will or be going to is possible.
I will go to Kandahar.
It is going to be rainy tomorrow.

To expresses a prior plan. When the speaker is expressing a prior plan (because he/she has made a plan or decision to do it) only be going to is used.
Why did you packing? I’m going to my hometown tomorrow.
I’m going to clean this house, because my parent will come.

To express willingness use will.
She’s coming. I will take her bag.
A: I don’t understand this.
B: I will help you.

Frequently used adverb
Tomorrow, next week/month/year, later

Shall usually used for I and we


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