Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tips to Keep In Exercise Program

Exercise is important for our health and has a lot good impact for our body. Sometimes we didn’t success to follow our exercise program. Laziness, bored, bad time management and another factor prevent us. Here I got 9 tips for you to keep in exercise program.

1. Do it with your friends. It will be different if you have friend.
2. Choose the program that you like. There is a lot of sport activity that you can choose, running, jogging, swimming, aerobic, martial arts, body building, soccer, basket ball etc. I myself prefer body building, so choose that you like and you will enjoy.
3. Make a schedule. It will easy for you if the program is include in your daily activity. If you do it continually that will be a part of your life. Nice hah?
4. Start it slowly. It means step by step. You can begin a jogging program once a day for 30 minutes in a week and escalate in next week, for example once a day for 60 minutes.
5. Don’t forget a warming up. Do it warming up to decrease an injury possibility.

6. Do a freezing. Try to walk and move after exercise, don’t stop directly. Do some stretching freezing.
7. Positive thinking. You can begin it with say to yourself “I will keep my body.”
8. Watch your development. Write it an activity that you do every day.
9. Make it a habit. Promises to yourself you will do it continually in three months. Three month is enough to make an activity become a habit.

What are you waiting for?! Do it now!


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