Friday, March 30, 2012

Trance dose #8

I knew this track from ASOT 550 Los Angeles video report. What a tune! I'm really in love with this beautiful track :D

here it is Alexander Popov - When The Sun (Eximinds Remix)

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zoo -The past, present, and future

Ragunan zoo gate (src: wikimedia)

News about Surabaya zoo recently had just brought my curiosity to the zoo itself. It seems an interesting topic to talk. Several questions came to my mind, how is the story about zoo? (The origin), what is the purpose of the zoo? What the zoo built for? Are the zoos truly harmed the animals in captivating them, placed in a cage while it (animals) should be in a wild nature? Let’s find out!

Zoo has long story history from ancient world to modern times. From ancient Egypt, Chinese Empress, to the Roman Emperor most of the Kings have zoological collection. In Egypt which was known during excavation at Hierakonpolis revealed some animals in collection like hippos, hartebeest, elephants, baboons and wildcats while in Tanki Chinese Empress had a “house of deer”. Not only as a collection, some of the animals also used for study and used in the arena like Roman emperor had done. In Medieval English some of the kings also kept a collection of animals. Henry I of England for example, he kept lions, leopards, and camels at his palace.

Menagerie, a form of keeping common and exotic animals in captivity, preceded the zoological garden. Vienna zoo in Austria was evolved from the Imperial Menagerie at the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna. Following the oldest zoo in Vienna, others zoo was just founded. It spread all over the world from Madrid, Paris, Russia, London, Melbourne, and so on.

The word ‘zoo’ derived from word zoology, the study of animal. From just a collection zoo was developed into an education and scientific research place. Since it opened to public zoo wasn’t just for entertainment but also an education center. If we looked at the first generation of zoo (around 1752-1831) most of the zoo built in the interest of studying animals. Then since 1970s zoos’ role was moved from just zoological garden became conservation for ecology reason. Following this positive trend some zoos in America stopped animals perform tricks for visitor.

How is it? Zoo looks fine doesn’t it? It created for studying the animals and they seemed treat the animals good in a conservation shape to keep them spread in nature. However some people considered most zoos are just keeping animals in captivity in breed. They questioned the conservation role and argue that zoos make a “minuscule contribution to conservation. “

Furthermore, the fact that some of zoo around the world are in worst condition. They give a bad care. Lot of animals lives in inappropriate cage. Wild animals like tiger and lion are stressed during their captivity. Their lives are changing. If in its nature they can run, walk as far as they can and hunt for prey, now they can’t. Now, they’ve just wait for their food. This condition even worse by the rise of an illegal animal market that involving zoo staff.

Right after this, another question came. Is zoo are good or bad?

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Trance dose #7

Here it is the IDMA 2012 Best Trance Track, Feels So Good by Armin van Buuren ft. Nadia Ali

Enjoy! :)

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Surabaya zoo entrance
The bad condition of Surabaya Zoo has reached its peak. After the death of the last remaining giraffe with 18 kg wad of plastic in its stomach, now turn to the Javanese bull which dead after has wound on its leg. That bull was rammed by others when they’re looking for female bull. This incident occurred by the cage that are too full. This zoo is a nightmare.

Previously 2 years ago, came up a report told 25 from 4000 animals there dead every month, most of them are suddenly dead. They’re African lion, Sumatran tiger, and some of crocodile. And this cruel condition continues till now.

Javanese bull in a treatment before its death
The worst internal management plays an important role here. This is the root of the problems which caused to unfocused handling of the animals. From the uncontrolled breed, lack of funds for the animals, until a probability for an illegal animal market which involved the staff. Surabaya zoo doesn’t have enough places to keep the massive number of animals.

If we look at the situation, this zoo is no longer feasible due to cruel and scandalous conditions. There are only two choices for Surabaya zoo. A shut down or a privatization as Tony Sumampouw, an experienced zoo manager said, this zoo is needed a total renovation. “We need to think about a private management or moving some of animals.” said him.

Rusty sign on Surabaya zoo (photo by AndhikaLiu, Feb 2012

If there is no one who eager to take the zoo, a shut down can be a good choice. The animals could be spread to others zoo rather than forced to defend this zoo (not seriously) and harmed the animals. However if there is a company who want to take care the zoo would be great. A big whole change must be added to save this zoo.

Unfortunately until this post posted I haven’t yet hear about the response of the government as the authorities to take action then solve this problem.

more images here

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Trance dose #6

Hello trance family, happy friday!

Here it is Tiesto - Elements of life

This is one of my favorite tune ever. Soft but enjoyable! what a masterpiece from Tiesto :)

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10-03-12 1:06 p.m.

How's tiger get their lunch [src: strangezoo]

As a gamer, ability to choose difficulty level just affect me in a real life. Came a moment where I want everything goes easily. I wanted everything could I get effortlessly. Impossible? Yeah. Come on! Wake up (talk to myself) this is not a video game which has an easy section to choose. This is a real life where everything you want has to put an effort there. Seems I lost my logical thinking for a while, it’s funny. :-D

That was a moment where something simple became complicated in my view. In fact I just scared to try, scared to made mistake in a way to get I want. So, I want everything easy, want everything goes well. This is madness. Glad to realize when I wrote this note. Just want to say “There is no easy section in our life, it’s only exist in a video game”.

Wake up! it is very basic and logical. Even children in Elementary or in Kindergarten knew that they have to do something to get what they want. A baby should try to walk so they can walk.

”To reach a port, we must sail - sail, not tie at anchor - sail, not drift.” By Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Here in our real life we got a ‘normal' difficulty which is depends on our views, how you look at things? And how you deal with that?

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07-08-12 23.30 Indonesia time… I felt so excited and curious… (warm up set was playing) in countdown to ASOT (A state of trance) #550 live from Moscow. I’ve been waiting for this after I left the previous London episode. I was expecting a great music as that time in London was made a big crowd around the world. #ASOT was a worldwide trending topic that time.

Armin just said about the sets. There are two side state of blue which will be played and state of yellow for the next session in Kiev. What a set! The state of blue contains great massive DJ like Arty, ATB, Armin Van Buuren, Dash Berlin, W&W, and many more. I felt so lucky, this is the first time I listen to ASOT live. What a perfect time! :D

Armin announcing
Boom! The show has just begun… (Ruben De Ronde started) This is the time, we’re all connected. We together #TranceFamily listen to #ASOT550. The crowd can be seen through social media like twitter. It shown how excited they was and mentioned where they are listening from as Armin ask them using #ASOT550 hashtag. Really, Armin Van Buuren brings trance all over the world.

(Ruben De Ronde on decks,, his set was playing) what a great opening. I’ve never know him before but his set is totally good. And it’s still continued with next set by other DJ’s in state of blue. I couldn’t agree more ASOT is one of the biggest show of trance. It brings trance around the world. During the show besides listening by stream, we offered live report on the web ( included the latest picture on location, and some tweet from #TranceFamily. They bring trance atmosphere in our home.

You know what? I kept listening until 02.00 Indonesia time, although I got a morning class on 07.30. I decided to stop while rank 1 on the deck, caused I need to sleep. I just left Armin set as well as Dash Berlin :( … but later on I decided to let it be… it’s just about the time. Hope next time I could listen to their sets. Despite of all I really enjoyed the show, Thanks to Armin and all the crews best wishes for you all! :D

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Trance dose #5

Gareth Emery ft. Christina Novelli - Concrete Angels

Really good song! Can't stop listening for around this week

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