Monday, August 23, 2010

Shut up, Trouble, Manners

There was three girls named Shutup, Manners, and Trouble. One day Shutup and Trouble wanted to go take a walk. They asked Manners if she wanted to come but Manners stayed home.

During the walk Trouble go lost. Than while Shutup is looking for Trouble a cop comes up to her.
"What is your name little girl?" "Shut up"
Cop: "What is your real name!?"
Shutup: "Shut up!"
Cop: "Are you looking for Trouble little girl?!"
Shutup: " Yes, i lost her awhile back"
cop: "Wheres your manners?!"
Shutup: "She stayed home"

Shut up: diam
Trouble: masalah
manners: sopan santun/ kelakuan baik.




visit back :D

i have read this joke before, but in bahasa :)

@orangel: really? what's are the name if in bahasa?

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