Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simple Present Tense

Pola kalimat

(+) S + v1 (s/es) + O + ket. waktu
(-) S + do/does + not + v1 + O + ket. Waktu
(?) Do/does + S + v1 + O + ket. Waktu ?
(+) You read a newspaper everyday
(-) You don’t read a newspaper everyday
(?) Do you read a newspaper every morning?


1. Untuk menyatakan suatu kebiasaan.
I get up at five every morning
She goes to college everyday

2. Untuk menyatakan kebenaran umum.
The world is round.
A year has twelve months.

Keterangan waktu
Adverd of frequency (kebiasaan)
Always, usually, generally, ever (?), never, sometimes, occasionally, seldom.
Adverb of quantity (keseringan)
Once a day, .. a week, .. a month, twice.., three times.., every..

1. Untuk kalimat positif (+) - They, We, You, I + v1 (tanpa s/es).
                                          Name(Danny), He, She, It + v1 (ditambah s/es).

2. Untuk kalimat negative (-) dan interrogative (?) - They, We, You, I -> Do
                                                                            Name (Danny), She, He, It -> Does

3. Contoh penggunaan tambahan (s/es) pada kata kerja.
He works
Pass -> he passes in front of my house
Wash -> Jack washes his car
Watch -> She watches movie every week
Fix -> The carpenter fixes the house

4. Tambahan (ies/s).
Jika didahului huruf mati (consonant) sebelum y,langsung ditambah ‘ies’. Contoh:
Fly -> a bird flies
Cry -> she cries
Jika didahului huruf vocal sebelum y, langsung ditambah ‘s’. Contoh:
Buy -> Buys
Pay -> Pays

5. Untuk kata ‘have’ menjadi ‘has’ untuk subyek he, she, it, nama orang/benda/binatang tunggal/jabatan/ sebutan orang tunggal. Contoh:
You have a big bag
He has a big bag


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