Sunday, August 22, 2010

Present Perfect Tense

Sponge bob: "I have already finished my driving test."
(+) S + have/has + v-3 + O
(-) S + have/has + not + v-3 + O
(?) Have/has + S + v-3 + O
(+) I have finished my homework.
(-) She has not finished her homework.
(?) Have you finished your homework?

Expresses the idea that something happened (or never happened) before now, at an unspecified time in the past. The exact time is not important.
Have you ever visited Indonesia?
I have already beaten this game.

Expresses the repetition of an activity before now. The exact time is not important.
He has gone to Yemen twice.
I have met many people since I came here in August.

Expresses the situation began in the past and continues to the present.
I have had breakfast.
I have liked masked rider movies ever since I was child.

Adverb frequently used.
For, already, since, ever, never, recently, yet, still, just.
To be: Have-> (I, You, We, They). Has -> (he, she, it, name )


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