Saturday, August 21, 2010

Present Progressive

(+) S + to be (is,am,are) + v-ing + O + adverb of time
(-) S + to be + not + v-ing + O + adverb of time
(?) To be + S + v-ing + O + adverb of time
(+) Putri is sleeping right now.
(-) I am not reading right now
(?) Is she writing a letter?

Expresses an activity that is in progress at the moment of speaking.
She is reading a book.
The students are sitting at their desk right now.
I am dreaming about you.

Something generally in progress this week, this month, this year.
I am taking four courses this semester.
She is taking a rest this week.

Adverb frequently used
Now, still, look, at present, at this moment, this ..(week,year,month), right now.
1. To be: I -> am. You, We, They -> are. Name(sephia), she, he, it -> is

2. If a sentence firstly with ‘look’ or ‘listen’ or ‘be careful’ or ‘be quiet’ use a present progressive. Example:
Listen! Someone is knocking the door.
Look! It is growing.
Be careful! It’s biting.
Be quiet! The baby is sleeping.


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