The bad condition of public transportation has made bike as the first choice of Indonesian to support their daily activities. Bike is easy and simple to ride. It can easily go through road congestion. Unfortunately some motorist forget to check their bike whereas a continually use will affect to the performance. A routine check is needed to make sure the bike is in a good condition and safe to ride. 

Here they are we have to consider before start riding. Daily bike checkpoint: 

check in these points before riding

Check out the basic equipment for a road bike such as rearview mirrors, headlamp as well as taillamp, and also the turn signals. Those parts are essentially required to help you while you’re not alone in the road. There are also companion such as cars, buses, or trucks. Then look into brake part, make sure the function is good. Brake is one of the important parts in the bike. This part will help you handle the bike and control your speed. Still in a handling area, we continue to the tires, check the pressure make sure it’s good, no more or less. If it’s less you’ll difficult to control as the bike will be heavier and be tricky to handle cause doesn’t have the right position for the tire and if it’s over your tire will be very hard and affect to your comfort. Don’t forget to check also the chain tension. It’s related to the acceleration and deceleration. Good tension will give smooth acceleration. And the last is the most crucial part, check your fuel. Go to a fuel pump if it’s indicated in a lower stage. You don’t want to run out of gas in the middle of your journey don’t you? 

Are you finished in check out your bike? Don’t forget to give yourself best protection by using safety gear. Last words enjoy your ride and happy riding! :D


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