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In my opinion safety riding contains two elements. There are physics and mental side. We can easily applied the physics side by using safety gear to protect ourselves but different on mental side. On mental side, I more likely to said attitude related to our emotion. It's bit hard to control. There always something that came up in the road makes our emotions unstable. For example sometimes we ignited to follow other motorist while they go fast passing on us. It seems like a challenge but absolutely not. We can harm others by our bad attitude. There also other factors like lack of concentration caused by thinking something while riding. Over confidence is one of the trigger. Include false calculation either in taking over or in a braking. Really maturity and respects to other fellow in the road totally needed.

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We have to realize that life is priceless. We need to control our emotion while riding. It's not easy but possible. First just make yourself comfortable when begin to ride. Pray, then talk to yourself to stay patient whatever happen to you. Stop thinking other things then concentrate. It will need a process so don’t give up because actually good attitude is just a habit.

Believe that safe and comfort traffic is not a dream. That's possibility. Let's begin from ourselves then start to infect others to follow this proper attitude/safe attitude for a better traffic. Big things come from small beginning. Go! :D


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