Monday, February 20, 2012

Indonesia to host WSBK? I hope so

Although Infront Sports & Media as right holders for WSBK not yet confirmed about the series on Sentul Circuit, Tinton Suprapto, director of PT Sarana Sirkuitindo Utama - which manages the Sentul International Circuit – announced that a deal has been signed for 2012-2015.

”The contract value of one Superstars series [event] is around 3 million to 4 million euro/year or 35,65 billion rupiahs to 47,53 billion rupiahs/year. The Superbike contract is also around that value,” Tinton told on

In line with Tinton’s statement, Ananda Mikola, commissioner of PT Sarana Sirkuitindo Utama said Max Biaggi and friends will show off on WSBK series in Sentul Circuit, March 2013.

“Not only Max Biaggi, but all registered Superbike rider in 2012” Said Ananda in the signing of the cooperation and support by Menkokesra (Ministry of welfare). The circuit itself is under construction to follow the regulation.

“The circuit is closed at least for two months for repairing especially in paving. In clear this refinement is to follow the regulation,” him added.

flight of ideas:
"What a good news for Indonesian motor race fans! The great and competitive motor race WSBK is going to be held on Sentul Circuit. I absolutely support this event of course. It’s been a long time Sentul didn't held an intl. race like this."


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