Sunday, February 19, 2012

Video game should be fun

Do you agree? Yes, it should be fun but still there are gamers frustrated while playing. They stressed can’t finish the game. Most of them think game is challenging and they have to beat it. They keep trying even ended in big anger like throwing a joystick cause can’t finish the game.

console joystick (src: bbc)
Gamers which I’ve told above are just lost the essential of playing a video game. Video game is created to fulfill people’s need of entertainment. A video game should be fun even if there is a competition like in a soccer game and not to be opposed. You play video game to refresh your mind after all boring daily activities.  Moreover some gamer play for their passion means they’ll happy in playing.

It is fine we choose easy level in difficulties if we feel difficult in playing a video game. That’s why every video game completed with difficulty level you can choose. Games are present to entertain. Then if you feel bored cause can easily finish the game you may choose next level of difficulties like normal, hard or very hard.  The level increase is to challenge you in playing. But remember this challenge is purposed still to make you fun. Believe that the game is to have fun with you not to beat each other. Also if you’re in competition with your fellow, don’t be frustrated if lost. Just enjoy the time, enjoy the time while you play. Win and lost is usual. They’re the part of the game.

video game is fun :D

So from now stop play video game if you stress during play. Then begin to enjoy the time while playing. That’s a video game, comes to you to play together. It should be fun.


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