Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Medal of Honor - The best FPS I've ever played

One thing that you'll get from MOH (Medal of Honor) series is the atmosphere of war. This FPS (First person shooter) game offers great environment. Sounds of blast, guns, voices of the soldiers, then nice graphics which shown hows cruel a battlefield is all just awesome. I really feel the atmosphere of war, while my adrenaline increased, feel afraid of the enemies, then to be very cautious. So exciting. This is include MOH series on the PSX/PsOne platform, the first time I played FPS genre.

I've also played others FPS, like Black and Counter Strike but the atmosphere is less. Actually I more like modern warfare rather than WWII storyline but the moderns are more stealth and silence. Unfortunately I've never played recent MOH series which is in a modern storyline. I bet that must be great.


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