Thursday, February 9, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken -The euphoria

What will happen if the guy in Street Fighter meet up with Tekken fighter? that must be awesome!  

Since announced at Tokyo Game Show 2011 this game has become hot topic among fighting game fans. The attractive side of this game which will released on March 6, 2012 is not only for the crossover fighting scene with every single new contents but also located on the storyline both SF and Tekken of course. Both of the game are have a great background story among the characters. That's why either SF or Tekken has their own fans. Storyline is like a soul in a game. In this game both Tekken and SF are trapped in a world with pandora, a cubical object that crash-landed to Earth.
Now let's see the preview

Glad to know the fight scene is followed a Tekken, 3D. But how if we look deeply? the cartoon side is still there. I think this is from SF characteristic which is famous as great 2D fighting game. I would be more likely to say when Tekken trapped in SF world. We can see the environment, like graphics, letter like Fight and K.O, they're all SF style.

After graphic let move to the gameplay. According to the video I think the fighting scene is more adapted from Street Fighter. When there is sereval rounds and the both side has several characters fighting. They can also do a combination move by calling a friend like Ryu called Chun-li or Kazuya called Nina to finish showed in the video.

It's really a worth game to wait.


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